Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kindle Mania and BSP

Here it is. The new cover for Murder Passes the Buck, book one in the Gertie Johnson Backwoods Adventures. Since I have my rights back, I put it on Kindle and priced it myself at $3.99. The others in the series, still owned by my publisher, go for $9.99, which seems extremely high for something that doesn't cost anything to put together. No killing trees for electronic versions. That part is cool.

Anyway, I have a huge favor to ask. If you've read Murder Passes the Buck and liked it, would you go to the Kindle page and add a short review? And while you're there, would you add a few tags (scroll down and you'll see them. Simply check the ones that you think apply like 'mystery'). Why am I asking you to do that? It seems that the more tags and reviews I have, the more visible the page becomes.

Well, enough plugging my book.
Let's talk about Kindle.

I was against it at the beginning, thinking, who would want to read on a machine? But I'm coming around. Just a little. With the demise of newspapers, which I've read all my life, the last thing I want to do is read a paper online after spending many hours writing on my computer. Rumor has it, you can subscribe to newspapers and have them delivered to your Kindle. I like that.

And the communities out there! Amazon has boat loads of forums related to Kindle, even a mystery one. Another is Kindleboards where you can join BookKlubs. And Kindle Forum where you set up a profile page and add friends. Yes, Kindle is making a splash.

But am I ready to dive in? Nope, not yet. I still see the divide between a book in hand and the Kindle. Right now, it's either/or for me. I haven't got past that. But I'm coming around. Just a little.
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