Monday, August 10, 2009

iPOD, youPOD, we allPOD for -- ever?

Operating under the illusion that my skill at texting on my “almost a smart phone” put me in the “with-it” crowd, I now realize I was woefully mistaken. But at least I’m no longer an embarrassment to my children. As of Friday, my birthday, I joined the MP3 generation. Ladies and Gents, I have an iPOD.

It’s a birthday gift from my kids, who were delighted to hear that I’d finally come around – or come to – their way of listening to music, and swear they would sooner give up their cell phones than live without their music players. Strong words from Gen Xers.

So now I’m on the learning curve. I’ve downloaded a ton of CDs into my computer and am in the process of transferring - sorry, dragging and dropping -- them into my sliver of a purple player. Congratulations to me! Before I get all heady over this sweet success, though, I did have one teensy glitch. I couldn’t get it to shut off. I finally called my daughter and wailed, “Make it stop! Puh-leez make it stop!”

“Mom,” she said, “push the pause button.”
“It’s a PAUSE button,” I argued. “It’s not a STOP button!”

Where did it say on the Quick Start guide that PAUSE became STOP after 5 seconds? Where! And that innocent-looking little wheel on the front? It’s actually an endurance test. Just try to keep that menu from sliding backward, or roll down your list of songs without losing the screen. Think you’ve turned off the player for the night? Think again, Buster. Five seconds isn’t nearly long enough. Muhahahaha!

I know this because I put my earbuds in this morning, plugged them into the iPOD, and an album way at the bottom of my list was playing . . . unless of course those gremlins grabbed it while I was sleeping.

But it sure does hold a lot of songs. I’ve transferred eight albums already and only used up a fraction of the space available. By the time I download my entire music library, I’ll be able to listen to it forever, which is just as well, since it will probably still be playing.

Are you an MP3 person or will you be a Walkman forever? If you had to decide, would you chose your cell phone or your music player? And if you own a player, is it with you constantly or just on occasion?

Kate, pausing, in the hopes of someday stopping.
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