Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Instructions Included

I'm having a frustrating week. College daughter officially moved to a house. She took all the furniture. I bought brand new stuff to replace the holes she left. The new t.v. stand and cute Key West basket dresser came in tiny boxes so they fit neatly in the hatchback. The smiling store clerks were gracious and lugged them out to the car. I now know why they were grinning. I hadn't asked them to help put together the purchases.

Because inside each box were a gazillion pieces - wood, metal, 50+ kinds of screws and nails, and the instructions, pages of them. They might as well have been in Japanese for all the help they have been to an instruction-challenged woman. My husband and I have spent several nights in assembly, trying to stay calm, not to take out our aggravation out on each other, failing a lot.

I would find someone to blame and shoot them in the foot. But I can't seem to put the gun together.
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