Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Circle of Life

This last week presented three instances of what some might call "life events." Last Monday, I was outside on my back patio when the grandson of my elderly next door neighbor couple told me his grandfather was in the hospital. Apparently the stomach pains the 77-year old husband had been experiencing in recent weeks turned out to be stomach cancer. A scary thought. Made scarier because he already has life-threatening lung problems with emphysema and wears an oxygen tank. So, the quickest and easiest solution of operating isn't really an option for my neighbor. They're going to try radiation to shrink the tumor.

I've often marvelled at my elderly neighbor's ability to weather all the health crises life throws at him. Somehow, that "tough old bird" as I call him has been able to come back from all of them. I sincerely hope he'll be able to overcome this crisis.

Also, this past weekend, I helped celebrate the wedding of another neighbors' daughter. They live right across the street, and I've watched all three of their daughters grow up. Their middle daughter and her new husband started their journey through life together at a lovely ranch site in the mountains right next to Big Thompson canyon. A new beginning.

Also at that wedding was the oldest sister, who was married in a beautiful ceremony two years ago in her parents' backyard, filled to bursting with gorgeous dahlias--and loving family and friends. Now, she and her husband are expecting their first child, due in early October. New Life.

All three things happening in one week. I couldn't help noticing---and thinking.
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