Saturday, July 11, 2009

What They Do When You're Not Home

Lorna *****Today we wrap up our Pet-Week Posts. Check in on Monday to find out the winner of our PUT YOUR PET IN OUR BOOKS contest.*****

Years ago, my husband found a series of prints that showed cats being BAD. It was called, "What They Do When You're Not Home." At that time, we both worked full time outside the home. Now we both work FROM home and get to see what bad cats do when they think we're not looking.

BonnieSink1 Last weekend, our big tabby, Bonnie (we call her Bon-Bon because she's so sweet), was naughty. We were sitting at the breakfast table reading, and we heard a THUMP. We looked up from the paper and exchanged a knowing glance. My husband got up, and crept to the kitchen and said, "She's on the counter!" It just so happened the camera was in range, and I grabbed it. And this is the sight I captured.

"Naughty girl!" I told her, but Bonnie wasn't easily deterred. See, she likes FRESH water. Despite the fact the water bowl had just been filled less than half an hour before, she wanted to drink out of the sink. She LOVES to drink out of the sink. She's trained us to leave the bathroom sink on perpetual drip mode so that she can have a drink whenever she pleases.

Okay. Back to the table. Back to sipping our tea/coffee. Back to reading. Not five minutes later:

Bonniesink2 THUMP!

I grabbed the camera, and she was at it again!

Naughty, naughty Bon-Bon!

Mind you, I have never seen her on the kitchen counter before. And then she did it twice in five minutes! Of course, I didn't realize that this sink was dripping, and I think it was the sound of the water pinking into the cat food can that was soaking that attracted her. She jumped down and sauntered into the living room. We went back to finish our tea/coffee.

Bonnieinlaptopcase It just so happens, I'd been using the laptop in the living room, so I wasn't surprised when not five minutes later I found Bonnie relaxing as only a cat can--IN my laptop case.

Did I chase her out? Of course not! She was comfortable. And she wasn't in the sink.

Ya think my cats are spoiled?


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