Friday, July 10, 2009

To Err is Heather

**I'm still on vacation and hopefully having a good time (though today's the last day, sniff). I dug into the archives and found this post (original date May 15th, 2006), one of my fist when I was with The Little Blog of Murder. Oddly, it still holds true. See you all next week.**

Lately, more often than not, my train of thought leaves the station before I can even get my baggage stowed. Multitasking has suddenly become partial-tasking–and that’s if I can even remember what task I’m doing in the first place.

Looking back, I can see there’s always been a little inner ditz in me.

For instance, I’m no good with the checkbook. Somehow I always get numbers mixed up or messed up or forget to jot them down at all. I’m always misplacing debit-card receipts before writing the amounts in the checkbook. I’ve been known to put withdrawals in the deposit column, write the check number in the date space, add instead of subtract.

Then there was the time I mailed thank-you notes to the wrong recipients.

More recently, though, my ditz-like incidences have escalated with alarming frequency.

Not so long ago I sent a very personal email to the wrong person. Oops.

I’m always sending emails with attachments I forget to attach.

About a month ago I deleted one of Jeff’s posted blogs while trying to reply to it and the poor guy had to do a quick rewrite.

And just this week I bought a second Mother’s Day card for my mom because I’d forgotten I’d already purchased one the week before.

Of course, I’ve lost count of the days I’ve been in the shower and can’t remember if I’ve shampooed already and end up doing it again.

So, am I vitamin deficient? Drinking too much Dr Pepper? Under a lot of stress? Not getting enough sleep? Is it the blonde highlights?

Perhaps I need to do more crossword puzzles, become addicted to Sudoku puzzles, or buy the Nintendo DS game for adults, Brain Age—that’s geared to help improve memory. All I have to do is persuade my daughter to abandon her Nintendogs for a bit in effort to keep me sane.

I can’t quite say I’ve accepted these changes with open arms, but I’m doing my best to make peace with the inner-ditz in me…and maybe at my next hair appointment, I’ll get copper highlights instead of blonde. Just in case.

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