Monday, July 27, 2009

Smile! You’ve Been Brainwashed!

Me, too. I’ve been brainwashed. I’ve purchased products from infomercials that didn’t live up to their hype. I’ve bought hair styling products, makeup, and bras that didn’t turn me into a supermodel. (Doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.)

Other kinds of hype that I bought into: flu shots. For years I believed that I’d catch the flu without one. Then I read that for those with healthy immune systems, it wasn’t necessary to infect the body with dead viruses that also contain filler ingredients that can be more harmful than the flu itself. As an experiment, I didn’t get a shot one fall, boosted my immune system with good nutrition and a vitamin D supplement instead, and guess what? No flu. Next year, same thing. And the next. It’s been seven years. No flu for either me or my husband, and we travel a lot.

Now the media is promoting the H1N1 (also known as swine flu) vaccine because of the impending “pandemic.” To quote Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, in an article in USA Today, “I believe H1N1 is going to cause a very serious flu picture this season. People who want the vaccine won’t be able to get it, because there won’t be enough to go around.” (Emphasis mine.)

Does that send a frisson of fear up your spine? Are you thinking, “Oh, no! I’d better run out NOW and get in line!” Ta da! It worked.

Michael Crichton wrote a book called “State of Fear,” which he researched for 3 years. In it, he describes how various groups, government and private industry, push their agendas onto a trusting public by creating a “state of fear.” To get people to go along with their program, they create worry, fear, and panic by planting frightening info in newspapers and on television. Yet so far, this forthcoming swine flu “pandemic” hasn’t done that. People are wising up. They remember what happened the last time the government tried to innoculate masses of people against this same flu -- starting with young soldiers -- with tragic results. They are also hearing about people who have had the swine flu recently and recovered in just a few days.

So what will the government do next? My guess is that they’ll either up the fear quotient with terrorizing reports of deaths from the flu spreading through other countries, like Mexico, or simply make it mandatory that everyone get vaccinated. And as always, you have to wonder why the big push. Is it really to protect us? My standard method is to follow the money. Who stands to benefit from all these vaccinations? Let me think . . . . the five big pharmaceutical companies who make them, perhaps?

Have you ever fallen for infomercial hype? Been happy or disappointed? Are you susceptible to states of fear? Will you get in line when the shots become available or are you willing to chance it?
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