Monday, July 6, 2009

Pet Week Kick-Off Day

(We're kicking off Pet Week today, and the details of our new contest follow my blog, so stay tuned for details and come back all week for personal stories from all of us Cozy Chicks.)

A Little Dog Named Inky

My earliest memory is of a little black puppy named Inky. I see him in a few grainy black & white photos, jumping up to snatch a treat, being chased by my five-year-old self. We didn’t have him long; I think my mom was stressed from a difficult pregnancy and felt a puppy was too much work. (Thanks for that, little brother!)

After Inky, Mom allowed us to have cats, which she felt were more manageable. I carried that love of cats into adulthood, first inheriting a big yellow tabby named Tigger, then adopting twin kittens Simon and Caesar, followed by Cocoa, a Balinese, and Misha, a Russian Blue, and later Cali, my beautiful long-haired calico, who turned up at my back door, bloated and starving, obviously lost or dumped (she’d been neutered.) Cali came into my life a week after I’d purchased a small painting of a calico cat that looked just like her. I tried that with a picture of Johnny Depp. That was 14 years ago . . . but if you figure it in cat years, well, I’m still hoping.

As much as I’ve loved my cats, I see people walking their dogs and envy them that special relationship. I read stories about dogs rescuing their owners, and owners going to any length to save their dogs, and therapy dogs, and companion dogs, and I want that! But then I think about those cold winter mornings when nothing could pry me from my warm house and then I don’t want that so much.

I think I’ll always wish I had a dog, but I’m fearful that if I get one, I’ll always wish I hadn’t. What about you? Hate dogs? Own a dog? Wish you did? Wish you didn’t?

Contest: All of you who have dogs or loved a dog, leave your comment below to have a chance to have your dog named in one of a Cozy Chick's upcoming mysteries. Cat lovers, hang in there. We won't forget you.

Have a great, sunny week.
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