Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New TV, Old VCR, & Manuals

I bought a new TV. Official type is a High Definition LCD TV. And----I'm still figuring out stuff. The easiest thing was carrying it. After years and years of TVs so heavy you had to have two guys pick it up to take it inside or remove it, one of the best things about this purchase was I could actually carry that big box inside my house and downstairs to the family room. Wow!

Thanks to the helpful guy at Best Buy (who actually drew a diagram for me), I knew how to plug in both my ancient VCR cables and my newer DVD cables along with the Cable Company's cables----and that's a lot of cables. But, I got everything attached in the right place. And thanks to the clear directions in the manual, I got everything started. Thankfully, the TV naturally seraches for all the channels available and programs them in. Leaving me to play with things like Picture Size and other stuff.

Okay----so, I got that all done WITHOUT anyone's help or calling anyone up. That's good for me, because I'm used to asking one of my four daughters who're experts on all things techie whenever I have questions. So far, I haven't had to yet. But----I think I may have to call the customer service line for one matter.

My ancient VCR. All those cables are in the right places, but my VCR won't respond when I try to use the new remote. And there are pages of instructions for installing your VCR with the new TV, including two whole pages in small print with all these different VCR codes to program your remote according to which brand VCR you have. Ack!! I noticed there were about 20 codes available for my brand of old VCR. So----I may have to break down and ask for customer service help on that one.

As for the new LCD Hi-Def TV quality----well, it's beautiful. Truly. The difference is striking. And it's easy to see the difference because I don't have the Hi-Def package from the Cable Co. In my area of Colorado, all the networks plus PBS and a few other stations already come in Hi-Definition digital mode on the new TV. However, all the rest are regular digital. Which still looks pretty good on the new TV.

Now----I have the big decision to make of whether I want ALL those channels to be Hi-Def striking and clear. All I have to do is pay the Cable Co. another $18 a month and they'll come and install a box like my neighbors have and bring me a new remote, etc, etc.

But----what if I finally get my old VCR up and running with the new TV, and the Cable Co. brings a new set-up and throws everything off again? Maybe my ancient VCR won't work with the new system. Instead of getting simpler, it would be getting more complicated. Double Ack!!!

I'll have to think about that for a while. While I'm enjoying my new TV. . .and playing with my new remote. I just got used to this remote. Another change means another new remote. Hmmmmmmm. I'll have to think about that one.
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