Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friendships Without Borders

I was going to talk about reversion of rights and reprint options this week, but I postponed it because we decided to do a pet week and how cool is that!

When I was a little girl, my best friend had cats. Lots of them. And litters of kittens. We dressed them up in doll clothes. So when my own two kids (5 and 6 years old) went to a birthday party where it just happened that there were two litters of kittens and, oh look, they were at perfect adoption ages, and when I arrived to pick them up each of my kids had already picked out their own kittens, well, I was sucked in. Talk about a 'hook'.

"The dogs will kill those cats," my husband said.
We had two frisky border collies. It was a possibility.
"No they won't," I said, standing in the driveway with the kittens in my arms, feeling like a big kid again.
My husband gave me a defeated sigh and the kittens were in. So I cautiously introduced them to the dogs. Border collies are smart. Right away they knew that the kittens were ours and not something to mess with. In fact, Sarah had just gone through heat. She rounded them up and next thing I knew, she was trying to nurse them. The kittens loved it!

Well, thirteen years have gone by. Sarah is still with us. So is Lightening, one of the cats. They have become best buds and hang together. Lightening cleans Sarah's head, which she doesn't like, but tolerates for friendship's sake. They lie on the deck these days and bask in the sun. Best buds.

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