Thursday, July 16, 2009

And The Furry Winners Are...

Thank you so much for the wonderful entries about your pets! We truly enjoyed reading about your amazing animals. In fact, we enjoyed them so much we decided to chose two pets - a dog and a cat. 

These animals will appear in the sixth Supper Club mystery, entitled The Vulgar Vegetarian. They will be rescued animals and will be given to James Henry's son, Eliot, as a surprise. 

The Feline Star is Miss Pickles! Here is her owner's email entry:

"Well, I'm not sure how different my pet is from others but to me she is one-of-a-kind. She is a 1 year old rescue Tortoise-- I believe she suffers from ADHD. I had planned on naming her Burnt Sugar but after 4 days and 7 rolls of shredded toilet paper, I decided Miss Pickles fitted her much better. She definitely does not lack for personality. She loves to greet people and other pets equally. She does have a paper fetish though. She can be running through a room and if I have inadvertently left a paper (paper towels and napkins in addition to TP are favorites) laying on ANYTHING -- you can actually see her throw on the brakes and run and grab it. She also likes to try and shred my ankles."

Our canine winner is Snickers! Here's what his owner said about him:

Snickers - "Mini - Shnauzer dog- Snickers is about 9 years old and came to us later in life, but his a very well behaved old gentleman.  He listens well and can be trusted off a leash.  At meal time (Snickers is a bit portly) he will whine and go from side to side of you to make sure you don't forget he is there, or if that doesn't work he will nudge you with his head.  He is a bit of a gassy dog too no matter what he eats (even his own dog food).  We tease him at bed time that he is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) because he licks and washes his paws and ankles before sleeping.  He also nests/scratches first before laying down.  Doesn't matter if it is a bed, linoleum or wherever, he scratches first.  Sometimes he will scratch, but decide that is not the right spot, so will go elsewhere and repeat.  We  have doggie steps beside our bed for Lewis, but Snickers wont use them.  He will come stand on his back legs with front legs on the bed until you lift him up."  

These two animals seemed to belong together as they are both named after food items and the Supper Club revolves around food! I will probably make both pets a little younger so they can grow up together with James's little boy.

You all have wonderful pets. I know several of the emails made me a little weepy. I wish I could name pets for all the precious animals that have touched our lives. Perhaps we'll do this contest again with another of our books. Thanks for entering!
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