Saturday, June 27, 2009


Whitelilies A couple of months ago, I got a new digital camera. I had a Kodak "point-and-shoot" but I wasn't happy with it. Not that it isn't a good camera--but I wanted something a bit more sophisticated. (In the olden days, I had a Minolta 101 and 201 I was extremely happy with. But those were the days of film.) I had my heart set on a Nikon, but the salesman at the local photo store talked me into buying a Canon EOS Rebel XS, and I must say I am not disappointed. It's a wonderful camera--and probably much more than I need. (So far I only know how to use a couple of its options.)

Orangelilly The fun of photography has returned to my life. I want to take pictures of everything. I'm taking a lot of shots of the yard. We've acquired quite a few flowers. The other day, a white lily opened. Now, we didn't even KNOW we had a white lily. But we did know about the yellow one and the common orange one (what my husband calls lilious vulgaris).

Llb'sroses Of course once I started snapping flowers, I couldn't stop. I switched on the "close-up" function and snapped the yarrow, the petunias, the rose campion, the shasta daisies, the coreopsis, the sundrops, and my tiny, old-fashioned roses . . .

One of the features I love about digital cameras is the instant feedback you get. Don't like the shot you just took--delete it. And what I love even more, is taking my Sundrops photos and "tweaking" them in Photoshop. Well, really, you have to if you want them to open on a website. Otherwise, they're HUGE and take forever to paint up for people on dial up. But you can also tweak the contrast and the brightness, the hue, color saturation . . . and of course the most important element--cropping them. The camera also sees what you can't. We're talking details so subtle, most times you miss them.

Tomatoflower Pretty as all those flowers are, the flowers I am most interested in at this time are on the tomato plants. I've been nurturing my celebrity tomatoes along, and I even planted seeds from an heirloom tomato I got at the farm market last summer. Hopefully these flowers will go on to bear fruit.

Yup, a walk around the yard is a pretty good thing. What do you like to take photos of?

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