Friday, June 5, 2009

Title Suggestions?

I just mailed back the galleys for Lucy Valentine (release date: Feb. '10). A cover is being designed; blurbs gathered; and ARCs (advanced reader copies) will go out in August.

Even though the release feels like it's still far off, things are getting exciting, and I can't wait to see it on shelves.


Now my attention needs to be focused on Book 2 in the series. The main issue with this book is that it doesn't have a title! Well, it did. But now it doesn't. Which is where I hope all of you will take some serious pity on me and help me out with some suggestions.

The basic criteria:
-Nothing mystery-ish (no "death" "mayhem" "murder", etc. in the title)
-Something rather flirty or romantic is preferred (the main character's name is Valentine and she is a matchmaker)
-Christmas theme would be great (and if you can pull that off with the whole Valentine thing, you're AMAZING)

A brief plot:
In this book, which takes place just before Christmas, psychic Lucy is working two cases: As a consultant for the Massachusetts State Police, Lucy is trying to find a young mother who's disappeared, and at Valentine, Inc (her family's matchmaking business), she is trying to track down the lost love of a WWII vet. She's also having relationship woes with her sexy PI boyfriend, is dealing with her wacky (yet loving) family and friends, and uncovers a family secret that will turn her world upside down.

Lost and Found and Lost Loves have already been ruled out. I'm fresh out of ideas. What I'm hoping is that you, loyal blog readers, will come to my rescue. I'll take whatever suggestions I get and send them all to my editor. In exchange, if one of your choices is used, I'll put your name in the acknowledgments of Book 2 and send you a signed copy of Lucy Valentine when it's hot off the press.

Let the titles begin!
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