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Tomorow is yesterday Posted by Lorna Barrett

Ever since I saw the Classic Star Trek episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday," I've been fascinated with time travel stories. Of course, since that day (in the early 1970s--when the show was in syndication) my favorite time travel stories have been from Star Trek, through all its incarnations, and boy are have been a LOT of them. Not just time travel, but time LOOP stories, where the characters are doomed to live the same day over and over again. Think Cause and Effect from Star Trek: The Next Generation. (And don't forget Spock the movies that involved time travel: ST IV: The Voyage Home and ST:TNG movie First Contact--wow--both vie for favorite ST movie--okay not. My first FAVE will always be The Search for Spock. (Don't ask me why. Okay, I'll tell you, because Kirk RISKED HIS ENTIRE CAREER to help a friend. There. I said it. Whew. (She wipes sweat off brow.))

I never imagined that being an author would put me in a similar time loop. Before I was published, I had no concept of the split time lines involved in promotion. I just wanted go get PUBLISHED! (And my small-press experiences with my Jeff Resnick series bears no resemblance to what I'm about to tell you.)

Murder is binding When I wrote the first Booktown mystery, I lived for the day when it would be published. But while waiting for that day, I completed and turned in the second book (Bookmarked for Death, which is currently available). So, my head was not only in the second book, but I'd already started the THIRD book (Bookplate Special--available November 3rd) before the first Booktown Mystery (Murder is Binding) ever saw print.

Then suddenly, I was promoting Murder Is Binding. I admit it, there were times when people would ask me questions about it and I couldn't remember what had happened, because I was already far, far head in the third book. And now, five months before Bookplate Special comes out, I'm already more than halfway through the next book (Chapter and Hearse) I'm already thinking ahead to books #5 and #6 (because they all relate to Chapter and Hearse, which is #4).

Are you as confused as me???

And yet, I'm supposed to be thinking in terms of promoting #3 (Bookplate Special) while I'm contemplating #6. (And there is a title #6, but can I remember it? NO!!!)

Mr Data I'm not sure even Mr. Data, with his positronic brain, could keep up with all this stuff. And here I am--a mere mortal--trying to keep track of books yet to be written.

And did I mention while all this is going on, I'm working on the first in the new Victoria Square mystery series that I'm contracted to write.

Pinwheels Is it any wonder my eyes are spinning like pinwheels?

It's no wonder I'm dazed and confused most of the time.

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