Saturday, June 20, 2009


Lorna Ya know, pigs get a bad rap. They're supposed to be slovenly, but there's a good reason they like to wallow in mud. It's protection from sunburn. (It's hard to take the cap off a tube of sunscreen when you only have hooves.)

Trash on the highway But we live among human pigs. Every time I jump on Route 104 past the Veterans Bridge here in Rochester, I see literally tons of garbage my fellow citizens leave behind. (That's just one example.) I was parked in the lot of a very nice "strip mall" yesterday and a new car pulled up across from me. The well-dressed young man first tossed a cigarette butt out his window, and then threw a piece of paper out.


He didn't want to dirty his car with his cigarette butt, but he didn't mind making that parking lot look like an ashtray. (I used to have an acquaintance who kept an immaculate house, but regularly dumped her ashtray in the parking lot of her very nice apartment complex.)

Cigarette butt The next time you come to a stop light where there's a median, take a look out your window and you'll see hundreds of cigarette butts. The company I used to work for made "cigarette tow" -- the material that makes up cigarette filters. That stuff takes YEARS to decompose.

I don't mean to just pick on smokers, because there are plenty of considerate smokers out there, but there are plenty who aren't, too.

My cousin recently visited from England, and I shutter to think what she thought of the condition our highways. It's embarrassing.

There are litter laws in every community. Too bad not everyone obeys them.
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