Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the Road Again--June 2009

Yes, I'm travelling again. This time I'm combining visiting with family and friends in Northern Virginia for a family event and doing some booksignings while here. I had a fun signing tonight at the Borders in Bailey's Crossroads and Wednesday night I'll be signing in Hyattsville, MD.

It's been great to see family, especially three of my four daughters all at the same time. Daughter Serena was unable to join us. And the weather has cooperated beautifully. Back in Colorado, we were experiencing April spring weather for the first two weeks of June. And--since all our weather systems move from West to East--Colorado has been sending its weather to the East. So---I arrived to the same April spring weather here. Temperatures in the 70's and low 80's and sunshine but also showers or storms in the afternoons and/or evenings. Not bad, actually.

I always enjoy returning to the Washington, DC/Northern Va area because I grew up here in Arlington, VA. So, "coming home" is always fun. I love the area--despite the traffic.

Ohhhh----and check out that new "Arlington Rap" video on YouTube. It's hilarious. I'm actually staying in that very area that the "rapper" is celebrating. This entire area of north Arlington has been re-developed since the mid-70's when the Metro was built. I watched for years as the old outmoded strip malls were torn down and new high rise buildings---both office and condos---took their place. Now, the entire area has been revitalized and renewed. Now, it's actually "trendy" with great cafes and shops and all sorts of amenities that didn't exist before.

And----it's really true what the "rapper" says about the parking tickets. My daughter, who's about to move here in a few months, has gotten two parking tickets in two weeks.
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