Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mind Control

My twenty-year-old son is a perfect example of a young mind out of control. We have an ongoing discussion over the following question - Do I control my mind or does it control me? His view? You can't control your mind because, well, it's your mind. My response? Of course, you can.

His mind is on automatic pilot, taking him in whatever direction it decides to follow based on the moment. He's not an unhappy guy (has a great girlfriend, for starters) but he has absolutely no thoughts for the future, thus assuring a quick trip to nowhere. He spent his first year in college partying. His second, he moved home and retook classes. Apparently his mind wasn't interested this time around either, even though he seemed to want to achieve. Bad brain.

My daughter, on the other hand, has goals and a plan. She's using willpower and determination to keep her mind in line and get positive results. She took it off auto pilot (if it ever was) and jumped into the driver's seat. She's steering! She's also on my side, agreeing that you can control your mind.

My son says, if you can control your thoughts, then stop them right this minute. You can't, can you?

My reply, But I can redirect my thinking. I can ask myself (my brain) questions, like what do I want out of life, what will make me content, then I can figure out how to reach those places by diverting in a direction that will produce results.

Yeah, sure, he says.

And we're back to square one.

Any 'thoughts'?
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