Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Book Releases

(Pulled from various online lists)

Andrews, Donna: Cockatiels at Seven
(#9 Meg ) (paperback release)

Campbell Slan, Joanna: Cut, Crop, & Die (tp)
(#2 Scrap-n-Craft Mystery series)

Carter, Sammi : Sucker Punch (#5 Candy Shop) (pbo)

Davidson, Eileen: Dial Emmy for Murder
(#2 Soap Opera) (pbo)

Davis, Krista: The Diva Takes the Cake
(#2 Domestic Diva) (pbo)

Hechtman, Betty: By Hook or by Crook
(#3 Crochet) (pbo)

Howell, Dorothy: Handbags and Homicide
(#1 Haley Randolph) (paperback release)

Jordan, R T: A Talent for Murder
(#3 Polly Pepper)

Kozak, Harley Jane: Dead Ex
(#4 Wollie Shelley) (tp)

Langtry, Leslie: I Shot You Babe
(#4 Greatest Hits) (pbo)

Martin, P D: Fan Mail (#3 Sophie Anderson)

Meier, Leslie: Star Spangled Murder (Lucy
Stone) (paperback release)

Ocean, T Lynn: Southern Poison
(#2 Jersey Barnes) (paperback release)

Sefton, Maggie: Dropped Dead Stitch
(#6 Knitting)

Sefton, Maggie: Dyer Consequences
(#5 Knitting) (paperback release)

Smiley, Patricia: Cool Cache
(#4 Tucker Sinclair) (paperback release)

Smith, Virginia: Scent of Murder (pbo)

Stanton, Mary: Angel’s Advocate
(#2 Beaufort & Company) (pbo)

Thompson, Victoria: Murder on Waverly
Place (#11 Gaslight)

Thompson, Victoria: Murder on Bank Street
(#10 Gaslight) (paperback release)

pbo: paperback original
tp: trade paperback
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