Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I finished the first draft of Buzz Off and am taking the week off from writing. Now I have time for the really important things in life, like figuring out all those buttons on the left hand side of the Cozy Chicks Blog.

I saw that I could subscribe to get posts and comments. Not knowing what that meant, I decided to do some research. That lead me to find different readers like the one I selected, Google Reader. Because if I subscribe to our blog (or any other) I have to have a place to read the posts. Signing up took only a few seconds, since I already had a google account. Then a wonderful page of my own opened up where I easily accessed all my favorite blogs and news sources. From now on I can read them all in one spot. So I've been out on the blogosphere, subscribing to my old standbys and a few others that my Google Reader recommended.

Too Cool! If you read a bunch of blogs every day, this is the tool for you!

Then I noticed that the Cozy Chicks had 58 followers. Still in research mode, I became a follower (#59), but I don't know what that means. What is it and what do I do next? And what is Google Friend Connect (the thingee that pops up next to the follow button)? I know there are 58 of you with the answers, so someone clue me in. And if you aren't a follower, who wants to make it 60 followers?

And don't even think I'm going to understand what the "Share" button does.

They don't call me a late bloomer for nuttin'.

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