Thursday, June 11, 2009

Famous People

Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to be famous, as in the Dan Brown kind of fame. Let's face it: writers aren't on the top of most celebrity lists. They're more "behind-the-scenes" people. That's not to say there aren't dozens of authors glamorous enough to work a red carpet, but I know I'd prefer not to have cameras trained on me all the time.

Perhaps Americans are so interested in celebrities because a great deal of Americans are famous on an international level. Look how many American movie stars and rock stars as known in Japan, for example. Sometimes, those folks like our star more than we do (I cite Michael Jackson here).

I admit to being one of those people that cannot resist looking at the cover of People each week. I rarely get to read one cover-to-cover, but it's kind of like bingeing on a sugary food; it's a guilty pleasure many of us enjoy.

So which famous people have I met (besides the Cozy Chicks)?

I've shaken hands with three U.S. Presidents - Ford, Carter, and Bush Senior. I don't think I've met anyone more well-known than those three gentlemen.

How about you? Have you had a brush with a famous person?

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