Friday, June 19, 2009

Bird Crazy

Okay, I confess. We geek out about birds here at my house. Watching robins bob around the backyard is fun; watching the goldfinches flip upside-down to eat their thistle is endlessly entertaining; and it's always a joy to see a newcomer flit around the feeders.

We have three hummingbird feeders--two suction-cupped to the window and one on a shepherd's hook in the garden. Though mostly the ants use the one in the garden, we have been getting several hummingbirds to stop at the feeders, but not as many as we'd like...yet. Seems around here the hummingbirds don't make frequent stops until August. It's always cause for dropping what we're doing when one is spotted. They're simply amazing little creatures.

We have two regular feeders on the back patio. One full of thistle, the other full of a songbird mix. Mostly we have a lot of finches vying for the seeds, but we also get sweet chickadees and sparrows. Cardinals make an appearance about once a month (not nearly often enough) and cowbirds, grackles and mourning doves are always trying to find a way to balance on the small feeder--very amusing.

We once had a blue jay stop by, and while it was beautiful I was okay with it not staying as they have a reputation for being mean. One of the best sightings we had was a woodpecker. We stood and gawked for quite a while as it pecked at the seed.

Lately, one of the baby robins (now a toddler) has been hopping around, pulling up worms...and perching on the shepherd's hook that holds the two seed feeders. We're thinking it's species confused and really wants to be a finch. He's very cute though, sitting there with dangling worms as the finches ignore him.

How about you? Do you geek out about birds too? And what kinds do you have on your feeders?

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