Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Karen B. has won a large print copy of Dolly Departed from my post last week. Congrats, Karen.

Her win got me thinking about contests and winners. It's been a mixed bag for me. When I was a girl scout we had an Easter egg hunt in the park. Everyone was running around like crazy, finding eggs, filling their baskets, and when the madness was over, I didn't have a single egg in my basket. I sat on an old stump, pouting and feeling sorry for myself.

Then our leader announced that one egg was still missing. The gold egg, the one that came with a prize. Back to scrambling around for the rest of the troop. Not me. I sat on my stump, miserable. For no reason that I can recall, I stuck my hand in some brush next to the stump and came up with the gold egg. I won a necklace and had my picture in the local paper.

Wow! That was so cool!

Since then, not much has happened in the way of luck. I still haven't won the lottery. How about you? Have you ever won anything?
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