Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time for Another Goodbye

First off--sorry for the late post. On Saturday I decided to set up a separate user account on my computer for my daughter who has now become quite efficient on the computer, and I thought setting her up with her own user account, her own password and plenty of parental controls was a great idea--and it is. The problems came in when I then tried to switch over to my account. It wouldn't let me do it. I don't know why. I really don't understand computers at all. So in near tears I have been trying to get on to my account where my settings are, etc for the last day and a half. For whatever reason, I couldn't even connect to the Internet. Anyway--I think I finally have the kinks ironed out--we both have our own accounts and I am online again.

However, my computer woes are not what today's post (technically yesterday's post) is about. Like Diana, it is my time to say "Goodbye," to the blog. This has been a difficult decision because I love being a part of the Cozy Chicks. All the women in this group are super supportive and caring of one another. I am grateful to have been a part of this group. But I have overcomitted and other pressures weigh on me right now.

I think many of you know that I have three kids and for years being a full time writer and full time mom has been my main focus. However, I have had to add to that list recently--being more of a full time daughter. I know that this is an issue many people have across the country, and I am facing it myself now--aging parents. Both of my parents still work (they run their own company), they are completely sharp, and fairly active. However, in the past couple of years my dad has had some extensive back surgery that has caused him to slow down quite a bit. It also causes him a lot of pain. Both my mom and dad do things that worry me--Dad washing the dogs who have the ability to knock him over (and they did just that this weekend)--Mom--feeding horses (one spooked and knocked her down two weeks ago), and just the day to day chore of running a company and taking care of a home. My parents have always been my biggest supporters in everything that I do, and right now I feel like I owe them, and not only that--they are my parents. I want to help them out where and when I can. For me this means a few things--going in and doing some work for them at their business and going out to their house and helping take care of the animals. I am currently trying to find someone to help with the animals, but until I do, it's time for me to step up and really help take care of two people who have taken care of me for so many years.

Doing this, along with a new venture I've taken on with The Capitol City Young Writers ( ) where I help pair writers 11-18 with mentors so they can grow as young writers has forced me to take stock as to how I manage my time, and although The Cozy Chicks doesn't take much time, it is some time and it's very precious time these days for me. I will miss the The Chicks, the readers and all of the great comments.

Thank You for being such a great group of Chicks and readers/writers!


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