Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Speed Cleaning 101

by Deb

This spring and summer I refuse to be stuck inside cleaning my house, but I can't stand a dirty one either. So here's my plan based on an article I read in Real Simple . Granted, I'm not supporting the environment by using old fashioned vinegar water and lots of cotton clothes. But I'm free and the extra cost is well worth it to me!
Weapons of mass destruction:

1. Glass cleaner wipes (Windex, Glass Plus, or whatever is on sale)
2. Disinfecting Wipes (Lysol, etc.)
3. Dust wipes (Pledge, etc.)
4. Flushable toilet brushes pads and wand (Scrubbing Bubbles)
5. Swiffer mop
6. Plastic bag anchored on wrist to dispose of wipes as I go

The attack plan:

1. Go through the house wiping down all glass and chrome with weapon #1.
2. Repeat with weapon #2 on all nonwood surfaces, including bathroom fixtures and kitchen.
3. Repeat with weapon #3, hitting all wood, chairs, bookcases, tops of furniture.
4. Put toilet pad on wand (#4), swish in toilet, nice blue cleanser fills the bowl, disconnect pad, flush.
5. Vacuum or sweep main walkways.
6. Wet mop kitchen and bath with #5. Discard pads.

I'm back outside enjoying the sun in no time at all.

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