Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm the first person to speak up for not smoking. To me, it's not only a dangerous habit but smelly and just plain eww. But I'm sure you've all heard this before and probably aren't in the mood for an anti-smoking lecture especially if you're a smoker...

But even I, who gets queasy when exposed to cigarette smoke for too long, absolutely adores the smell of a pipe. (Hypocrite, anyone?) I was coming out of a store yesterday, getting soaked from the pouring rain, when I caught a whiff of a tobacco pipe in the parking lot. I actually stopped, rain droplets coursing down my face, and just breathed in the smell. I love it. For the simple reason that it takes me back to being a little girl in the presence of a beloved grandfather. He passed away when I was in sixth grade, but that pipe brings me right back to him.

The scent ranks right up there with rain on hot pavement, new babies, new cars, grape hyacinths, Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo, freshly bleached clothes, Subway shops, and vanilla as a favorite scents.

This isn't to say I'm ready to take up smoking a pipe, but I think I'll always stop and enjoy the smell of one (and just bite my tongue about the dangers).

What are some of your favorite scents?

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