Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Than You'd Ever Want to Know About Worms!

My son was home from school yesterday with pink eye. On Thursdays, he has to give a brief oral report in front of the class (he's only 5, so it's pretty brief) and now that the year is drawing to a close, I've been reviewing the topics he's covered thus far. Here are a few:

Flash Floods
The Space Shuttle
Garbage Trucks
Flightless Birds
Types of Traffic Signs

As you can see, he loves natural disasters, animals, and all things mechanical. Today, he's reporting on worms. Did you know that an earthworm was found in South America measuring 22 feet? Ick!

Worms eat anything. Without them, dead plants and animals would never fully decompose. No wonder CSI folks are so into them.

They have no eyes, but can sense light and darkness.

When you see them all over the road after a rainstorm, it's because they can't breathe if the air holes in the dirt are filled by water. Of course, if they can't get back to soil when the sun comes out, their skin dries and they die.

And yes you can cut them in half and they'll regenerate, but if you cut their heads in the wrong place, they won't pull through (pun intended).

This week, I've been doing a bit of gardening and have made the acquaintance of many worms. While planting my herb garden yesterday, I thought of all the crazy facts I'd learned this year thanks to my son.

I really respect the worm, but I still hate caterpillars!

Are you afraid of any bugs?
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