Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"LOST" and "24"

Ack!!! I can't believe I have to wait nearly a year for the next episodes in my favorite TV shows. Not fair!! I'm missing them already. And with all the changes to programming, the next seasons of each series won't start until February 2010. That's nearly a year! Arghhhhhh!!

Okay, okay. . .so I'm a fanatic fan. Well. . .maybe not fanatic, but I am devoted. Those are the only shows I tape when away traveling. When "Damages" was running, I taped that, too. And that's coming back as well.

Tonight, we just saw the season finale of "24" and of course, we were left with a cliffhanger. Will Jack survive the deadly virus and live on to "save the world from terroists" one more time? We'll have to wait to find out. Will Rene Walker actually use "Jack-style" tactics in questioning the Bad Guy Super Honcho? She took off her FBI badge and handcuffed an office staffer outside. Will she take out her anger at all the deaths Honcho caused ? We'll have to wait and see.

But for sheer personal drama, it's hard to beat "LOST" in my book. The characterization has been awesome throughout the series. And watching the individual character "arcs" develop, intersect, and play out through these last four years of the series has been riveting. I found myself gasping not once, but twice at last week's season finale. Characters you cared about and envisioned escape for---suddenly death grabs them. And talk about plot twists---"LOST" tops them all for plot twists. You may think you know where director J.J. Abrams is going---but you'll be wrong. Is John Locke dead? Undead? What happens now that Juliette set off the "device" to explode? Will the future be changed? Or the last three years? Why did Jacob have to die? Questions, questions. . .and no answers for nearly a year.

And there's a message here for all storytellers: If we become fascinated with the characters in a TV show or in a book, we'll come back for more. . .and more.

What about you? Any favorite TV show you'll be missing?
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