Friday, May 8, 2009

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

I had myself a good laugh this week.

Not sure if everyone knows that A Hoe Lot of Trouble, the first book in the Nina Quinn series, has gone out of print (not the funny part). I only have three copies left, so I decided to troll the Internet in hopes of finding some additional copies to pad my bookshelf.

So there I was on Amazon, clicking through the 'new and used' copies, when I stumbled across a seller who had three copies of Hoe, in "acceptable" condition.

Guess how much he wanted for them...each?

Go ahead. Guess.

The answer is... (drumroll)



Plus $3.50 shipping.

After a moment of pure shock, I couldn't help but laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Even the brand new books being offered are ranging between $25 and $130.00.

Then I got to thinking about the three copies I have left... LOL. Anything in this economy, right?

I'm kidding. I'm holding on to those copies for now. And really, if you're desperate for A Hoe Lot of Trouble, you'd be better off buying a Kindle and downloading the e-book version for a mere $5.20.

A savings of $392.00. Who could ask for more?

Seriously, though, the most I've ever spent on a book was The Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition) for $50.00 (I had a coupon). What's the most you've ever spent? And would you ever, ever, consider spending $700 on a book?

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