Friday, May 22, 2009

The Crazy Things We Do

I've been known to do some crazy things for critters in my life. Like stick my arms through a sewer grate for two hours to save a dangling kitten. Or to take a sick hamster to a vet. Twice. Or to pluck a lost duckling off the sidewalk around DC's reflection pool and put him into the water to help find his mama.

The latest crazy installment involves bunnies.

You see, our yard has always been home to rabbits. Used to be they'd build warrens in the yard, but they wised up and finally moved under our shed. Year after year new families would move in, have babies, move on. And year after year my garden would get decimated. My flowers nibbled to the ground, my liriope never even growing full leaves. It was disheartening at the least, because as much as I love wildlife, I love my garden too.

So one night when I was chopping carrots for dinner, I was about to throw away the ends when I realized these scraps may just help me. I put them out on a rock in the garden. It took three days, but they disappeared. I put more carrots out--they vanished. And my garden started growing again.

This year we've been proactive. In early spring we started feeding the wild rabbits a carrot a night. Every night my husband either chops the carrots into pieces or breaks the carrot in chunks (we like to keep those bunnies guessing) and places them on the patio. Then we wait.

More often than not the rabbit will drag the carrot into the garden and eat it there (must feel safer) and sometimes there is more than one rabbit vying for the carrots.

Crazy, right? Maybe not. After all, this is the first time my daisies have bloomed in years...
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