Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma

This past week on the 17th would have been my grandma's 93rd birthday. We lost her three years ago and it's still hard for me to believe she's gone. I know it's even harder for my mom. Grandma was a rock, had tons of faith and was the kindest person I have ever known. She was special. We all miss her. So her birthday is kind of hard on us (especially Mom).

When Grandma passed it was a very hot July, and the day of her funeral was sweltering. We were concerned about the flowers not making it home from the church. My mom had taken a few pink roses off the casket and wanted to take them back to the house. We made it home and the flowers didn't get out in water right away because so many people came to pay their respects and a lot was going on in the house. I spotted them on the kitchen counter and put them in a vase and thought they were really beautiful pink roses and I knew they were Grandma's favorites. Here's the strange part--those roses lasted for two weeks! And they didn't droop and fade quickly. They seriously lasted. I can remember going over to my parents' house a couple of weeks after Grandma died and seeing them. I didn't think they could be the same roses, but my mom told me that they were and for her she felt it was a sign that my grandma was still close by. I think so too.

This week, my mom was in her bathroom getting ready for work and she was thinking about Grandma, and feeling pretty sad. One of the lights went out in the bathroom and she didn't think much of it just figuring it had burned out. Still getting ready for work m she stopped and said, "I wish you were her Mom." In that second the light flashed back on. Now, I don't know how to exlain it and maybe it was a short in the electrical, but I don't think so. Just like the roses after she passed, my mom and I both agreed that she was letting us know she's still around and watching over us.

I really believe that those we love who have passed on do look after us, and they're so much closer than we know. How about you? Ever feel like someone you love is still around? If so, have they let you know? How?
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