Who Are The Cozy Chicks?

Welcome to the Cozy Chicks!
Here you'll find the online home of mystery authors
Ellery Adams/J.B. Stanley,
Lorraine Bartlett/Lorna Barrett, Duffy Brown,
Kate Collins, Mary Kennedy, Mary Jane Maffini (Victoria Abbott),
Maggie Sefton and Leann Sweeney
 We post regularly about our writing, our lives, and our latest releases.

So grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair... and join the conversation.

Sunday's Chick, Leann Sweeney:

Monday's Chick, Kate Collins:

Tuesday's Chick, Maggie Sefton:

Wednesday's Chick, Duffy Brown

Thursday's Chick,  Mary Jane Maffini (Victoria Abbott)

Friday's Chick, Lorraine Bartlett (Lorna Barrett & L.L. Bartlett)

Saturday's Chick, Mary Kennedy

The 1st of the month, Ellery Adams / JB-Jennifer Stanley

The 15th of the month, honorary Cozy Chick,  Dru Ann Love: