Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day and NEWS!

Happy Valentine's Day!
by Julie

I have a feeling that two of our Cozy Chicks have gotten EXACTLY the perfect Valentine's gift this year because...
wait for it ...
drum roll ....
big news ....

Lorraine Bartlett's ONE HOT MURDER hit the New York Times Bestseller list at #16!!
and Lucy Arlington's (Ellery Adams) ONE TRICK IN THE BOOK came in #23!!

Congrats to our Cozy Chicks!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

When I was young, my dad used to buy Fannie May chocolates every year for me and my mom. Back when the girls were all home my husband used to bake cookies for them before they left for school in the morning. But that's it. A little "hey I love you" moment, and all is good.

Still, every year, my husband asks: "We're not doing anything for Valentine's Day, are we?" And I assure him that we aren't. We go out to dinner fairly often already - Valentine's Day would only mean that the restaurants are more crowded. I like flowers as much as anyone, but they die quickly and are terribly expensive. Yeah, I'm a practical sort, I suppose. Not too romantic.

But I still think the day is fun and I appreciate the fact that it brings people together.

What about you? Do you celebrate? Any particular traditions?


  1. Our anniversary is Jan. 30th. So there's only a few weeks between that and Valentine's, and we usually combine celebrations. Chris teases that our anniversary lasts two weeks, and sometimes it sort of does! This year has been one of those.

  2. Congratulations to Lorraine and Ellery.

    No celebration over here. But it's a good day to celebrate love.

  3. Congrats to Lorraine and Ellery! Happy Valentines to all! My husband always makes oyster rockefeller and king crab legs for me. They are awesome and so is he!

  4. Congrats to Lorraine and Ellery. That is awesome! As for us, we don't go out on Valentines. Too crowded. As long as we have some chocolate in the house, we're happy.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS to you 2 lovely ladies. What a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  6. I have a fabulous Valentine's tradition. It goes back at least 40 years for me. Every year, without fail, my dad delivers candy hearts to me. When I lived out of state, he mailed them to me so I'd have them in time for the day. It always makes me feel special!

  7. Nothing special here, either.

    Congrats to the ladies for making the Best Sellers List.

    Both are great books

  8. Congratulations, Lorraine and Ellery!!

  9. I hope you all had a great Valentines day. My boyfriend took me out to a nice dinner, and after we watched Die Hard 5 (It's a good day to die hard).

    Congrats on making the best seller lists! I do think more and more people are turning to cozy mysteries to escape real life drama and economics.

  10. Congratulations on making the best seller list!

    I surprised my son at his class party and his little brother came too! It was so much fun! The boys got books and sweets.