Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Touch, The Feel, The Heebies

By Heather

A few months ago we were in the market for a new sofa. This was quite the undertaking. Not only because we’re a picky lot (we are), but because there were certain guidelines we needed to follow, thanks to a case of my daughter’s heebies jeebies. defines heebies as:


 [hee-bee-jee-beez]   noun, ( used with a plural verb  ) Slang.
a condition of extreme nervousness caused by fear, worry, strain,etc.; the jitters; the willies (usually preceded by the  ): Just thinking about ghosts gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Heebies give me goosebumps!
She gets heebies from a few things, mostly textural. Things like corduroy and velvet... Do you know how many sofas are made of corduroy? Of velvet? A lot. It really made us have to look long and hard for our new couch. Eventually, though, we found one we like (microfiber). 

But Christmastime is the absolute worst for her. Why? Cardboard and STYROFOAM, which is her worst offender. Both are unavoidable. She can’t even bear to look at Styrofoam. It’s become a bit of a joke in the family, especially when she shudders even saying the word. Poor girl.

I can’t really blame her. I get the heebies from touching raw pork. Shudder. And sandpaper? UGH. And the noise sandpaper makes? SQUIRM! I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it.

Tell me we're not the only ones who experience this sort of thing. What gives you the heebies? 


  1. styrofoam also does it for makes me feel like i cannot breath

  2. Chalkboards; microfiber cut to be "suede-like", I'm cool with suede but the microfiber version is too thin; having my back scratched when it doesn't itch - the LOVE to do this in Eric's family and I've actually had to smack people away.

    Eric's is folding construction paper and having his nails, especially his toe nails, filed.

    The Doll's is Justin Beiber. Seriously. She can't even look at him. Saying his name makes her cringe. It's hilarious and awesome because I think he's all kinds of untalented and over-hyped.

    My dad couldn't touch peaches.

  3. Rubber Bands both the feel and sound.....

  4. Oh my gosh, yes, Sparkle! What's with those???

    Lori, you're not alone!

    Aimee, son #2 is the same way about the scratching. Me? Bring it on! :)
    Baby Girl is with Eric on the filing--no manis and pedis for her. She can't stand it. I hope she outgrows that one. And LOL on JB! :)

    Alicia, thankfully I don't have an issue with that one--I use a ton of them. I can see heebie qualities about them, though.

  5. Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, anything wood basically that you are actually supposed to stick in your mouth. Oh and bones in my meat - no T-bones or chicken wings for me!

  6. I'm with BG on corduroy...the thin-wale stuff is the worst *shudder*. The other biggie is emery boards...can NOT touch them!!!

  7. I can not stand the sound of people clipping their nails, people do it at my office and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me! Also, I'm weird about food. If I bite into something that I think should have been there (chicken bone, fish bone) I can't finish my whole meal!! I hate the heebies

  8. Anything that "blisters." I can watch slasher movies with the best of them, but a bad sunburn makes me want to hide in a corner. Oh - and feedback from a mic.

  9. A good friend of mine has issues with some foods. One, green beans...she says they're "furry". She can eat the "French cut"...I've told her they're the same beans but she says she can't feel the The other I've noticed is "ribs" in salads. If she has a salad made with romaine lettuce, when she's done, there's a pile of lettuce ribs beside her plate!

  10. I have a problem with satin fabric, it just makes me cringe. I also can't touch fresh peaches because of the fuzz on them.

    I have a friend who has issues with aluminum foil. She also can't even say the word. She says it makes her teeth hurt. Horrible friend that I am, I once wrapped her birthday present in it just to tease her. LOL. She laughed and asked me to unwrap it for her which I did because I'd wrapped it in regular birthday wrapping paper underneath the foil.

  11. Styrofoam is a biggie - HATE to unpack boxes that have it in them. Cotton balls will almost make me break out in hives - opening new medications is a real problem. I use tweezers but just the look is enough to make me shiver. Crickets. If I hear one in the area, I have to leave. When I was small we had an infestation one year - I would wake up with them on me - shivering just thinking about it.

  12. Cyndy, I can see why on the bone thing.

    Sara, emery boards are definitely heebie worthy.

    Brittney, at the office??????? EW.

    Katreader, but they're sooo cute. Okay, just kidding. :)

    Wendy, blisters are kind of funky, aren't they? Never really thought about that much before...

  13. Sara, I have trouble with peaches because of the fur! Blech! LOL on the ribs, though. :)

    Katherine, yes on the peaches! And LOL on the foil-wrapped present. She must be a good friend.

    Lynda, cotton is iffy for us, too. I tolerate it better than BG. I don't mind crickets, but I've never had an infestation. Your heebies make perfect sense in that case! Shudder!

  14. I can't stand when people rub or "pet" anything with fabric. I work with a lady who likes to rub her hand on the couch and I just want to throw up- even thinking about it bothers me. Or when the hubs rubs my shoulder and his hands are dry- the sound of it on my clothing makes me want to scream!

  15. Any type of metal in my mouth gives me the heebie-jeebies! I try really hard not to touch my teeth with a spoon, etc. This does make it difficult to sit through a dental exam. :) Brittney, I agree with the fingernail clipping at work; lots of my co-workers were guilty of that. However, I can beat that one...I once told a client's mother she was going to have to leave my office and go outside or to the bathroom if she wanted to continue to floss her teeth! No lie. It's been years and I still haven't gotten over it! Eeeewwwww! Another one for me is silky materials...can't touch them if I have dry skin...that one makes my teeth hurt, too!