Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Vegans Are Coming!

by Leann

First of all, to those who have served, happy Veteran's Day. You have done this nation proud. Now, on to the topic for today! Vegans!

My side of the family suffers from food allergies and the problem has spanned four generations. My grandmother had problems with shellfish, my mother never would admit it, but her problem was chocolate, mine are too numerous to even mention and my children both have milk allergies along with several others, also too numerous to name. I seem to be getting worse as I age and my list keeps getting longer. I am happy to say, it seems my granddaughters are okay--so far.

My daughter and son-in-law decided last year to switch to vegetarian fare. Living in NYC affords lots of options plus they bought a condo and were able to put in enough counter space to do more cooking. But now, they are switching to vegan. My daughter, who has had a milk allergy all her life that she kind of denied, has now realized she feels much much better without dairy. So, have you ever had a vegan Thanksgiving?

In this little rent house with zero counter space, whipping up anything that doesn't go in a Crock-pot is a challenge. Fortunately, we have wonderful friends with a big kitchen. More good news? The vegans will be cooking! I've already heard about risotto and pumpkin and other things they plan to cook that sound exotic to me. But yummy. I figure I'm never too old to learn new ways. And others doing the cooking? Well, after many many years of putting on an enormous spread with everyone's favorite sides and a turkey that could feed a third world country, I'm happy with that. And who knows? Maybe vegan would be a good choice for me and my food allergies, too.

What about you? Any food problems? Is Thanksgiving a good time to try something new? I, for one, am looking forward to it.


  1. I do have some food allergies, but not for meat or such. I don't mind eating vegan for a day, but I would miss my piece of meat if it was a week or longer.

  2. We are vegetarians too. Haven't go vegan yet because love eggs so much! I don't miss any meats. LOL I am allergic to eggs so have to limit it a lot.

  3. Going Vegan is hard, at least if you try to eat out. Most places offer a vegetarian option loaded with cheese, but vegan food is almost impossible to find. It's much easier if you can cook at home. There are a lot of good vegan cookbooks out these days to help with home cooking options.

  4. Well, definately not going Vegan this Thanksgiving. I am eating at the "Commander's Palace" in New Orleans. A family vacation on a holiday for the first time. So looking forward to it and no dishes to boot!

  5. I am allergic to eggs (and chicken and feathers) too, Carol. And I only eat meat a few times a week, but going without cheese would be difficult. Since my kids live in NYC where there's a vegetarian restaurant on every corner, it's not as difficult to find vegan meals. Um, Jeannie--I want what you're having for Thanksgiving--especially the NO DISHES part! :-)

  6. I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years. I don't miss meat, but can't give up seafood. My son and daughter-in-law are vegans. We are spending Thanksgiving with them and I can't wait to sample the yummy vegan fare they will whip up. They are both good cooks and have adapted well to fixing tasty vegan dishes.

  7. I'm looking forward to it myself, Lorraine. I am not BIG on veggies, but butternut and acorn squash are my favorites. And my daughter gave me a nice intro to kale and I added it to minestrone soup and a shepherd's pie this past week. I'm getting there! :-)

  8. Thanksgiving is my partner's personal holiday. She's a born turkey... 11/26/52 so we celebrate both on one day.

    This year we will be cooking not only for family and extended family but for a friend of my daughter's who is vegan. I always do a lot of grilled veg and the "stuffing" is vegan also. We will ask them if they have any special requests and I will endeavor to prepare them.

    I don't buy turkeys any more. I buy one or two breasts and half a dozen thighs with no legs. The meat cooks faster that way and I know I'll have enough of everyone's favorite on hand.

    One of my boys is a C.I.A. graduate baker and he will supply all our desserts.
    Happy Bird Day to all.

  9. Nora, you have it under control! And so good to "see" you back posting after Sandy's nasty visit to NYC!

  10. Vegan's not too long as no one has wheat allergies, at which point being vegan becomes really, really hard. However, since you say "if it doesn't go into a crock pot," let me suggest...

    The first one has recipes. The second one are pictures that go with the recipes in her cookbook. I don't have that cookbook, but I do have her vegetarian slow cooker cookbook and I HIGHLY recommend it.

    Happy eating!

  11. Thanks so much, Laura! I will check out these recipes now!