Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet Dreams

My husband and I have needed a new bed for a long, long time. He would wake up complaining about his shoulders. I griped about my back. The bed bounced and swayed as we tried to get comfortable, flipping over and over. Why we waited so long, until we were physical wrecks, is beyond me. So when we visited his parents and they put us on their pillowtop memory foam bed, we knew it was way past time.

After checking the Internet and realizing how expensive they were, we had to make a choice - kid's college or a bed. The tuition won.

Then we heard good news. His parents had purchased the bed from someone in Wisconsin (that's where I am). They sell symbol mattresses out of a barn only thirty minutes from my house and the beds were a steal, priced around $400 for our queen. And we knew we liked them because we'd spend a weekend testing one.

Road trip to the boonies with our truck. To the Bed Barn in Watertown, WI. (they ship, if you're interested.)

The mattress came stuffed inside a huge box, rolled up like a giant twinkie. Keith, the owner, told us to unroll it onto the box spring and allow it to puff up for 24 hours before sleeping on it. So we did. The foam rose. Finally we had our first night on it Sunday night.
What a dream! It conformed to my body, sucked me right into its airlessness. Gone are the aches and pains of yesterday.
But now I have a big problem.
I can't get out of it in the morning.
I missed yoga on Monday and coffee with friends on Tuesday because it felt so good. Today, I'm setting an alarm clock, something I haven't needed for years.
I could stay there all day!
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