Friday, July 31, 2009

Acrobatic Squirrels

It was fifteen years ago when we moved into our current house in Cincinnati. We'd been making the move from Boston, were in a hurry (job relocation) and needed to find a place big enough for our growing family but affordable enough for a young couple.

We were lucky enough to find a brand new (cookie cutter) house that we've managed to make our own over the years. One of its only downfalls is that the land our house is built on used to be a farm. Back then, it sadly lacked any mature trees, just wimpy little saplings staked to the ground so they didn't fall over with the first gust of a Midwest storm.

Fifteen years later, those little saplings have grown quite a bit. The tree in our front yard now towers over our house. And with each storm, we still worry about it possibly blowing over--into the house!
Over the years, our bird population has found the trees and increased tremendously, but other wildlife, the raccoons, the skunks, the squirrels have all been oddly missing.

Until last week. We had our first squirrel sighting. It was all very exciting (we love critters) until the little bugger figured out how to get into the bird feeders. And at first, I didn't care so much that he was eating the cheaper bird seed. Having him around was fun! Watching him try to get into the feeder provided us with fits of hysterics. Just look at those pictures.

But then. Well. He learned how to climb into the peanut box--the one we keep out for blue jays and woodpeckers. And yes, though he was still amusing, those peanuts are disappearing faster than we can put them out. To top it all off, the little squirrel is now digging up our front mulch bed--burying the peanuts for later! Talk about insult to injury.

Since all of this is so new we're still trying to decide what to do about the little guy. He's harmless enough (for now), but it might be time to get some baffles for the bird feeders.

Or possibly move again. But that might just be wishful thinking on my part. There is a spot in Vermont that will hopefully, someday, be called home...


PS: Click over to my blog to see a pic of the squirrel eating his peanut. And all pics can be enlarged by clicking on them.
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