Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Book and Risk

I'm excited. As you could see from my announcement on Sunday, the seventh in the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries, DROPPED DEAD STITCH, will be out today. That means I'm gearing up for a round of booksignings and other reader events. Of course, I do signings and reader events throughout the year, like all of the Cozy Chicks. But there's a bit more excitement (for me, at least) when a new book is coming out. When you're writing a series, these characters are old friends, and you can't wait for readers to discover what's happening in their lives.

I also took a risk with this book. Amidst all the good times with Kelly and the gang and warm and fuzzies in the knitting shop, something bad happens. A murder, right? Well, yes, someone is murdered, and Kelly has to solve it. But something else occurs before that. Something bad happens to one of Kelly’s close friends. It’s a sensitive subject, and I did my best to handle it with respect and sensitivity. Why take the risk and include the subject at all? Because I had to. My characters bring the stories, and they expect me to pay attention.

Risky? You bet. I had no idea how it would be received. I’m extremely gratified that reviewers have responded so favorably. DROPPED DEAD STITCH's cover was even featured in a May 4th Publisher's Weekly article on Traditional Mysteries.

All of that is wonderful. But I didn’t take the risk for the reviews. I took it for my characters. Because the whole point of what happens is not the trauma, but the transformation that follows. For me---it's all about the characters. Always has been.
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