Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks for the Memories!

It's with a funny old mixture of both gladness and sadness that I write my final Cozy Chicks post today.

As I streamline my personal and professional life, I've come to the inevitable conclusion that I'm simply overcommitted on too many levels. I think that's probably true of many of us, isn't it? There's always the temptation to believe that if we can just keep all those colored balls dancing in the air a little longer...a) the cavalry will arrive, or b) the balls will start managing themselves, or c) we'll get used to keeping that many balls in the air and maybe even get to like it.

It's not as though the Cozy Chicks required a huge commitment of time or energy -- and I loved chatting with all of you (though it's gotten a little eratic lately)-- but my posts here had gradually become Just One More Thing.

And finally One Thing Too Many.

I'll still be posting on every other Monday morning over at The Good Girls Kill For Money Blog, and I hope you'll find time to stop by and say hi. (I'm dividing up my Monday mornings with the adorable Jennie Bentley -- if you don't know her, come and meet her!)

Anyway, it's been lovely being part of the Cozy Chicks -- and I shall always be proud to be a Cozy Chick alumni. I wish each and every one of you -- and my fellow chicks Michele, Heather, JB, Maggie, Kate and Deb -- all the very best!

May the Chick be with you!
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