Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scary Dolls

by Deb

When I began writing the Dolls To Die For series, the only doll stories I knew about were horror dolls, the talking kind, slashers like Chucky. My dolls weren't going to talk, ever. My audience would be doll collectors, cozy lovers, readers who had one or two dolls that had been passed down through generations. My publisher worked hard to give my books the perfect covers that depicted my goals and they did a great job.

Before long my series was sold to a large print publisher. How exciting! I'd worked at my local library, taking books to outreach sites where aging readers would cluster around selections of large prints. Most of them couldn't read the small print of paperbacks. A whole new world had opened up for them with the publication of more and more books in a print format they could actually see.

(I really hope large print editions will be discovered by everyone as our society continues to age.)

The thing that surprised me the most was this: once a book is sold to large print, the new publisher changes the cover. All my books are in large print and all of them have different covers than the originals. And they are scarier covers. At least I think so. Like this one, which arrived yesterday from my publisher.

BTW, they aren't cheap. Large print editions are hardcovers and retail for around 25 bucks. Some booksellers stock them, or you can buy them online, or you can visit your library. If you know someone who could benefit from large print, think about giving one as a gift.

I have an extra copy of Dolly Departed in large print, so if you want one, tell me in the comment section and give me an email address to notify you if you win it. Then I'll pull a name from a hat, announce it next Wednesday, and send it out to you. But you have to promise to put it to good use!
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