Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Doing Bullet Points, too

I know, call me a copycat but by the time Sunday rolls around and I go to write the blog, my brain is sort of like mush. The creative thoughts simply aren't flowing at all. So I am going to bullet point the latest and greatest or the boring and mundane--your pick (thank you, Heather, for reminding me that bullet points can be fun and interesting--although mine probably aren't too thrilling).

Like Heather's oldest, my son is going to be 18 soon as well. He will be graduating this month and to be honest the last four years with him have been kind of hellish. Oddly enough though, now that he is almost an adult (I am laughing a bit here) I am beginning to like him again and actually enjoy his company. I at one point thought I may have given birth to the devil's spawn, but I now see that is so not true. He is pretty stellar and cool. I wondered what he was planning to do with his life as each semester I would receive grades that we're at best sub-standard. He's changed that but only in his senior year when it's a bit late to be on that college track. He's made the wise choice to go to community college for a couple of years where he wants to get his paramedics license and then possibly go into firefighting or to college to become an emergency room doctor. Who would have thunk it? Not me. But I can't say that I'm not proud and pleased that he is making some decisions about where he might be headed.

I have a book due next month and am feeling the pressure as I am not quite where I want to be with this book (wine mystery #6). I keep letting life sort of get in the way this time around and am realizing that my deadline is rapidly approaching and I'm sort of feeling like a deer stuck in the headlights. "Please don't hit me!"

We had to move our horses recently, and now they are about 50 minutes away from us. Remember a few weeks ago when I posed the question about lies, because I found out someone I trusted had been lying to me? Yeah well, I can now reveal that the someone was one of my daughter's riding instructors who had become a family friend and who was also supposed to be working with the horses when we were unable to get out to the barn. Well, this person was not doing that and then saying it was getting done. Worst of all I was told they were being taken care of and this person would text me and tell me how great they were, etc., and not doing the job at all. Needless to say, that person is no longer in our lives and our horses are safe, happy and in a great program. The drive is okay because it is pretty, just long--good thing I have fuel efficient car. I can look past certain white lies, but when it comes to lies that involve my kids--be them human kids, or my four-legged ones we have, well that pretty much kills the deal for me.

I am taking on a bit more work with my family's business. My parents started a company about 35 years ago. We manufacture sports medicine products for horses. We make products that look after the well being of horse and rider. I have worked for my parents on and off over the years, and right now as the economy does its thing, and my parents age, I felt it was the right decision to be more involved. However, I will continue writing. If you're interested in what I mean by sports medicine products for hosrse are, you can visit our site at

The swine flu thing--yes I had to go there. I think the media should shut the heck up. Sorry. But as if we need so much paranoia! Something like 1300 people have died this year from the regular flu not the swine flu. I think it's common sense--WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT! COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH AND IF YOU'RE SICK STAY HOME! That's just my opiniong for what it's worth.

Anyway--there you go in a nutshell, I mean bullet point.

Have a great week.

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