Thursday, May 7, 2009

How To Wow Mom on Sunday

I need your help again, my friends.

As you know, Sunday is Mother's Day and I want to get/make/send something to my mom that will wow her without completely ravaging the savings account. A little ravaging is okay. :)

Like many moms, mine is sick of cooking. She loves to garden and to read, but I gave her a great pile of books for Christmas so that won't do. Knowing her, her entire garden is already planted and mulched, and she doesn't give a hoot about cosmetics or taking luxurious bubble baths. She likes her clothes to be comfortable and functional and doesn't accessorize other than with jewelry I can't afford.
Oh, and she's got seven cats!

What are you getting for your mom this year? Can I beg, borrow, or steal and idea? And moms, what was your favorite gift ever? Mine was the noodle necklace I received from my son last year.

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