Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hit Me With The Veggies!

Every time I begin a new Supper Club book, I have a ritual. I like to peruse my favorite cookbooks in search of meals and menus that might appeal to The Flab Five. This new book, The Vulgar Vegetarian, will be more of a challenge for me on the culinary scale. 

Don't get me wrong - I like vegetables. Not all of them, but enough. I love fruit, eggs, and cheese, so it should be no problem to come up with delicious recipes, right? 

But I thought it would be much more fun to open this up to readers, especially the vegetarians out there with more experience in creating tasty, meat-free dishes.

So would you like your recipe to appear in The Vulgar Vegetarian? Post yours here and I'll pick one or two at the end of next week. Either way, we all win because when someone asks, "What's For Dinner?" we might all have something new and exciting to present to our families. 
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