Monday, May 4, 2009

Have I Told You How Much I Hate Flying?

I had such a great weekend at the mystery conference, Malice Domestic, in Arlington VA., that I should have known something would spoil it. Wouldn't you think it would be difficult to lose a piece of luggage on a short, 1 3/4 hour flight from Washington, D.C. to Chicago O'Hare? I mean, really. And yet my checked bag didn't arrive with me. It went to Philly, and then to O'Hare. Meanwhile I paced and paced for 2 hours until someone at American figured it out. And during those 2 hours, I was told the bag would come in at carousel 9 . . . or 4 . . . or maybe 9 . . . no, 4 . . . Make that 9. Would someone tell me WHO'S IN CHARGE? Because whoever you are, I want you to spend 2 hours running between carousels praying your clothing that you paid good money for and really love, MAKES IT HOME.

But never mind, I still had a great time meeting my author friends and reader friends and eating and drinking . . . yes, I ate too much.... maybe had a little extra wine that I'll be doing some extra pilates for, but oh, well, it was for a good cause.

I got to catch up with my friends here on the Cozy Chicks blog -- Deb and Maggie and J.B. -- and author friends Sheila Connelly and Leann Sweeney and Ellen Byerrum, who, by the way, had 2 of her mysteries made into TV movies to air on Lifetime in June. How cool is that? I got to have dinner with NAL editors and Berkley editors and hang out with great women writers and gripe about writer things and share tips on stuff like how not to get neck aches at the computer, and what conferences they were going to attend next, and what series they were currently writing . . . .

AACK! My brain is ready to explode. See, when you sit in isolation for the greater part of the year, dealing with imaginary humans, and then you finally get out with -- dare I say it -- REAL humans? -- well, it can be so exhilarating that it's overwhelming.

I'll be sifting through these experiences for a week. So if I saw you at Malice and didn't mention you here, forgive me, please. Then again, if you were at Malice, you probably won't remember seeing me anyway, so what the hey?

In the meantime, Bouchercon is the next conference I'll be attending, and it's in Indianapolis, in my own state. If you can make it, please flag me down so we can chat -- although I may or may not remember it.

Have a great week!

~Kate, brain fogged, who is also PUMPED about the launch of her new website. Have you seen it? Did you like it?
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