Thursday, April 2, 2009

Were You Fooled?

I am totally mixed up this week. I thought yesterday was March 31st. When I got to the gym, I stared at the white board on which our trainer writers our workouts and my jaw dropped. We had to do ten rounds of 100 sit-tups and push-ups?

"Are you crazy?" I asked him.
"You can do it," he replied flatly.
Suddenly, my friend poked me in the side and said, "It's April Fool's!"

Well, the workout was still nasty, but not THAT nasty. I was kicking myself though, because my son had asked me to do something to fool him on the 1st and I had nothing planned.

After school, he and I put a fake cat poop on the tub mat in my bathroom - a place where the cats have often been naughty. When my husband came home, my son grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bathroom. Luckily, I caught my hubby's eye and gave him a wink, so he made a big deal over how he was going to punish the bad cat.

Later that night, he told me I couldn't go away later this month because he had to work. I was crushed. Again, I was merely being duped.

Guess I'm gullible! How about you? Did you fool anyone? 

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