Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Tight Fit

What happened to my spring wardrobe? Especially the capris. They all shrunk! Now what? I'm leaving for Malice Domestic on Thursday. Jeez. Should I wear them anyway, leaving the top part of the zipper open, fold the stretched part under, wear long tops to hide it, try to ignore the discomfort?

I wonder how many of us are walking around scrunched into our pants. Bunches, is my guess.

Most of the time I eat healthy - lots of veggies and small portions, but then something snaps in my head and I start binging. Nobody has been able to answer my question yet - is it better to eat a whole bag of potato chips at one time? Or should I spread them out over several days? I'm going with the whole bag approach. Some of those greasy, wonderful chips are bound to keep passing through without stopping to enlarge my love handles.

I'm at an age when I can financially afford to go out for fine dining, but the rest of me can't afford it.

One more whinny question - Should I cave and buy a larger size? Or should I wear the tight ones as punishment and a reminder to STOP EATING??
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