Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Spring Planting List

I'm going to feed off Deb's post. She's inspired me to map out a few spring flower beds. The first bed was planted last week and I thought I'd share with you the flowers I buy every year to build my container gardens. If you live on the East Coast, I hope you can borrow some ideas from this list.

Containers - I like color, so I buy colorful ceramic containers. I use that special Miracle Grow soil that retains moisture. It really works! 

Selecting plants - I go by the three plants per pot rule. One stands taller in the back, one trails over the side (and is usually a type of vine), and one is bushy with interesting leaves or a great scent. I love to mix herbs into these containers. You can enjoy their aroma and use them for cooking.

Examples of my favorite combos: 

Lantana, sweet potato vine, and basil (smells wonderful and loves full sun. The yellow Lantana, the bright green sweet potato vine, and the fragrant basil make a great deck container).

Purple verbena, lemon balm or oregano, trailing vinca

Marigolds, chives, and spotted deadnettle (a lovely, two-toned creeping plant).

For Part-Shade: I love Coleus combined with New Guinea or double-head impatiens. This is a really low-maintenance plant.

If you choose sturdy annuals, your containers will keep on blooming until October. Now that's a value!

Do you have other economical garden tips?
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