Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Sorry for tardy post. I arrived Back East on Sunday afternoon and am visiting with old friends in Vienna,VA (Northern Virginia--suburbs of Washington, DC). Yesterday, Monday, I was out w/friend at Tysons Corners huge shopping mall when I checked cell phone & found a message. It was from the woman who comes to visit my mom every day for about two hours to check on medicines, take walks, etc. My mom is 89 years old and lives in an independent living retirement home in Fort Collins.

Well---my mom fell in her kitchen that morning and broke her left wrist. Thank goodness Rhonda (companion care lady) came in and found her on floor. Called 911 and took her to ER where they set broken wrist and took care of everything. Got medicine, etc. Rhonda assured me she could stay with my mom the rest of the day. And also through the night. Meanwhile, I had to talk w/doctors and the companion care business (Home Helpers) to arrange for continuous 24 hour care for the as long as my mom needs it. With a broken wrist, most of the regular things we do every day (bathroom for instance) will become difficult. And we don't want to risk her falling again.

There are a lot of things to coordinate------long distance. I'm here for the Malice Domestic mystery conference which will start on Thursday. And will spend a week following conference with my oldest daughter and her family. Two weeks in total. So------I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we started using Home Helpers two years ago. The same lady comes over every morning to make sure my mom has taken her meds, etc and she takes her for an exercise walk. But----it's times like this that make you really appreciate that service. Her retirement home would have checked on her around lunchtime if she hadn't shown up.

And in case you're wondering why we hadn't bought a lifeline alert button for my mom to wear. Well, we had. My mom wears her lifeline alert button every day. But guess what? She took it off at night. She said it "bothered" her. Sigh........ So, I suggested she remember to wear it at night from now on.

So forgive the lateness of today's post, folks. Next week, you'll have a guest blogger---Beth Groundwater. And take care of yourselves, folks. And your loved ones.
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