Friday, April 10, 2009

Road Trip Must-Haves

Just got back from Florida. A spring break road trip.

16 hours in the car (one way).

Straight through. (There was supposed to be a stop halfway on the way down, but long story short ended up sleeping at a rest area somewhere near Macon.)

I know.

But it's not all woe-is-the-long-drive. There are a few things that make these trips tolerable (besides the destination).

Road trip must-haves:

A good playlist: We stock up on CDs and update IPods. In the current CD rotation there is Franz Ferdinand, INXS, Matt Pond PA, Old 97s, The Beatles (Abbey Road goes on every car trip), Guster, Elvis, Mates of State, an 80's compilation, a BeeGees compilation (copies of old albums), The Thrills, Neil Diamond, Belle & Sebastian.

Food: Pretzels, granola bars, chips, Snickers.

Drink: Water is our most preferred. Once in a while there might be a Vault or a Dr Pepper (surprise, surprise) thrown in for good measure.

But I'm curious:

What's your favorite road trip music?

Do you drive 5, 10 or more mph over the posted speed limit? (It's pretty much 70 mph from here to FLA now (woohoo), which means 75-80 for us.)

McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King? (We're a Wendy's family.)

Cruise control or old school gas pedal? (Cruise control!)

Favorite road trip snack?

Favorite online map source? (Google maps is what I use almost exclusively now.)

Any upcoming road trips planned?

~heather (who only burned a teeny tiny bit in that Florida sun)
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