Saturday, April 4, 2009

Letter of Complaint

Last night Mr. Thrilling and I were enjoying one of our rare home together on a Friday night, and we decided to celebrate with Chinese takeout and a movie. The movie was a Mystery Science Theater 3000 selection titled Mitchell. It was appropriately horrible.

So, sadly, was the food.

Our favorite Chinese takeout place has changed hands yet again...and this time for the worse.

Mr. Thrilling is not as picky as me (i.e., will eat anything except -- weirdly -- olives) but even he was forced to admit that this was...substandard. Being a guy who will eat animal organs for breakfast (as opposed to delicately selecting lean strips of...of outer wear), I know when I can get him to agree that meat is "questionable," we're probably eating something explorers fearful of offending exotic hosts would think twice about consuming.

So we are agreed we are never eating there again.

My question is, is it worth writing a letter of complaint? Not a blasting, rude letter...just a here's-why-you've-lost-our-business. And not in an effort to get freebies or anything -- I really wouldn't eat anything there again for love or money -- but my sister has recently opened a coffee house and I know how important it is to her that everything be right. She would want to know if something was wrong...she's obsessed with getting everything right.

Would it be helpful for the owners to know they've lost two customers? Or would receiving such a letter simply be offensive?
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