Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Honey of an Idea

by Deb
Some of you might know that I'm writing a new series about a beekeeper who also owns a small market called The Wild Clover, which specializes in local produce. And it's September in my story, when all the gardens are abundantly producing and trees in the orchards are brimming.

My local librarian is an amazing woman. She doesn't have to use a recipe to create a fabulous dish. I'm a recipe woman all the way, but Heidi the librarian is working on original recipes for my book. One recipe that is a real winner and has made her cut into the book (she's very critical of her own work) is an apple/pear crisp with ginger snap crumble. She even made the ginger snaps from scratch! Sampling it was a trip to heaven.

Since my protagonist, Story Fischer, is a beekeeper, I'm also looking for original recipes that use honey, and Heidi will help with that although she doesn't like the taste of honey (I thought everyone loved honey). Wisconsin is the home of custard, which is like ice cream only richer, so soon I'll experiment with a recipe of my own for honey custard. Wish me luck on my first adventure into recipeless land.

If you have an original honey recipe and would like to submit it for possible inclusion in The Wild Clover's newsletter at the back of the book, please email me at or share it here with all of us.
And I really want to know - do you have to follow a recipe? Or do you wing it?

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